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Raised in Portland, Oregon and spending her career as the Director of a large Non-Profit, Beejee Peco-Llaneza came to be a traditional carver after retirement and has brought her daughters into the family art business through the creation of Three Moons Carving. 

 Using influences from her early instructors, her Takelma heritage, and her own intimate understanding of the stories in the wood Beejee creates unique heirloom pieces. She also appreciates the importance of passing on cultural knowledge and has taught all of her children and grandchildren the importance of cultural traditions and artwork.

“I spent my younger years bitter and angry.  I later decided that I wanted to have children and I wanted them to have a different experience.  I went through a lot of soul searching and healing of my many wounds.  And after finding my way to a better place I could then go back and explore and find my ancestors.  And bring the culture, practices and teachings to my children.”-Beejee Peco-Llaneza

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